Message from West Valley Dental Task Force


1. Asymptomatic COVID-19 infected patients puts the dentist and dental assistants at risk of exposure and disease.
2. At this time the SFV (West Valley Branch) Dental Task Force recommends dentists use their professional judgment in determining whether a dental emergency exists before treating patients. 
3. The SFV Dental Task Force has established a centralized web page for community dentists to post information on their willingness to donate PPE to local hospitals (gloves, isolation gowns, masks/shields, p95 masks). Click here to donate
4. If you are a dental professional with a question, please click here and your answers will be posted.
5. If you are a medical professional or Hospital Emergency Room and have a a question regarding emergency treatment of your patients click here to contact us. 
6. This Pennsylvania’s public health message to dentists. Click here.
7. If you are a patient and have an emergency click here.

8. Similarities of COVID-19 to TB. See the ADA information. Click here.