Message to Dental Professionals

Connect With Your OMS Network

"Please, if you are a dentist or ER physician contact your network OMS or panel OMS directly for advice.

After you exhausted that effort see our list of Task Force Members, google their names and call their office/answering service to connect with us. 

Undoctored patients can use website to contact us. We will handle those calls to prevent them from going to ER. 

Of the calls and contacts the Task Force has received over the past week, only 10% were undoctored patients. The other 90% were dentists and dental staff who just referred their emergencies patients to website, which is inadequate.  We need to professionally connect with dentists who need help. But before contacting us read the ADA website which has dozens of documents to help during this outbreak. 

We are all here to help our patients with true emergencies.  

Thank you for your anticipated and continued professionalism. “

-West Valley Dental Task Force