About Us

Serving the West San Fernando Valley

The West Valley Dental Task Force is here to support our larger medical community and dental patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our services include:

1. Professional support to hospitals

Regular emergencies aren’t taking a break just because our medical professionals are fighting the novel coronavirus. The dental professionals of the West Valley Dental Task Force are helping relieve the burden by providing emergency care for dental issues as needed, freeing up our doctors to confront the COVID-19 outbreak. 

If you’re a dental professional able to help, join now.

2. Supply donations

Dental offices can provide timely support to our hospitals now, through the donation of masks, gloves, and other medical supplies from their usual inventory. Our task force helps to collect these items and distribute them where they are needed. If you can help protect our front-line medical professionals through a supply donation, contact us now.

3. Telemedical dental services

We provide free remote dental services for patients whose regular dental practices have been closed during the current crisis. Untreated dental infections can lead to serious complications; our team of general dentists and oral surgeons can assess your symptoms, write needed prescriptions, and advise on seeking emergency treatment in person if necessary. If you need help, contact us now.